The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is the premiere science and technology body in the country charged with the twin mandate of providing central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological activities, and of formulating policies, programs and projects to support national development.


  1. Formulate and adopt a comprehensive National Science and Technology Plan, and monitor and coordinate its fundaing and implementation;
    Promote, assist and, where appropriate, undertake scientific and technological research and development in areas identified as vital to the country's development;
  2. Promote the development of indigenous technology and the adaptation and innovation of suitable imported technology, and in this regard, undertake technology development up to commercial stage;
  3. Undertake design and engineering works to complement research and development functions;
  4. Promote, assist and, where appropriate, undertake the transfer of the results of scientific and technological research and development to their end-users;
  5. Promote, assist and, where appropriate, undertake the technological services needed by agriculture, industry, transport, and the general public;
  6. Develop and maintain an information system and databank on science and technology;
  7. Develop and implement programs for strengthening scientific and technological capabilities through manpower training, infrastructure and institution-building;
  8. Promote public consciousness in science and technology; and,
  9. Undertake policy research, technology assessment, feasibility and technical studies.


To provide central direction, leadership, and coordination of scientific and technological efforts and ensure that the results therefrom are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits for the people.


An excellent provider of new knowledge and useful innovations, competent human resources and quality S&T services that uplift the socio-economic well-being of the Filipino people and ensure sustainability for future generations.