Joint Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights recognize outstanding researches in 2016

27 December 2016

Outstanding researches in food and non-food categories along priority areas in Agriculture, Aqua-Marine, Forestry and Natural Resources, Industry, Energy, Engineering, Emerging Technologies, Health and Nutrition received awards and recognition from Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the three (3) Research and Development (R&D) consortia in the region.

The three (3) R&D consortia namely: Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (BCARRD); Bicol Consortium for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (BCIERRD) and Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development (BCHRD), implement programs and provide services in line with the national and regional R&D agenda under the institution development program and supervision of DOST-lead councils, the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (PCAARRD) for BCAARRD, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) for BCHRD, and Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) for BCIEERD.

BCARRD, BCHRD and BCIEERD are chaired by Dir. Tomas B. Briñas, Regional Director, DOST V; Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, President, Bicol University (BU) and Dr. Dulce F. Atian, President, Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC), respectively, with Dr. Marissa N. Estrella and Professors Michael V. Montealegre and Ruby Jane S. Gonzales, as Consortium Directors, respectively. Both BCAARRD and BCHRD are housed at BU, Legazpi City while BCIEERD is hosted by CSPC, Nabua, Camarines Sur.

With S&T/R&D experts from PCAARRD, PCHRD and PCIEERD, and from member-institutions serving as panel of evaluators, this year’s regional winners during the 2016 Joint Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights (JRSRDH) held on 16 November 2016 at CSPC are as follows:


Research Category
Title Researchers/Agency
1st “Evaluation of Biological Activities of Canarium ovatum Pulp Extracts”

Ms. Lilibeth A. Cajuday

Mr. Dale Meek S. Membreve


2nd “Localizing Hybrid Rice Technology with Rice Crop Manager”

 Ms. Corazon A. Orbon

Ms. Ma. Lakambini S. Aldecoa

Ms. Limberly F. Bermillo

Mr. Edgar R. Madrid

Ms. Elena B. delos Santos

Department of Agriculture (DA)

Regional Field Office V

3rd “Measurement of Diversity Indices of Shrimp Communities and Anthropogenic Disturbances in the Riverine Ecosystems of Key Biodiversity Areas of Bicol”

Dr. Raul G. Bradecina

Mr. Pablo P. Ocampo

Ms. Luisa M. Lanciso

Partido State University


Development Category
Title Researchers/Agency
1st “Developing Innovative Approaches for Resilient Recovery of Vulnerable Upland Farming Families in a Bufferzones of Mt. Masaraga Watershed”

Ms. Ma. Julieta C. Gonzales


2nd “Low Cost and Low Tech Community Based Coral Reef Restoration: A Pilot Demonstration Study in Tabaco City, Albay, Philippines”

Mr. Antonio B. Mendoza, Jr.

Mr. Ronnel R. Dioneda, Sr.


3rd “Vegetable/Legume Seed Production and Seed Enhancement: The Bicol’s Tabangon Tribe Way”

Ms. Luz R. Marcelino

Ms. Jeanet N. Saldivar

Ms. Henrilyn R. Yamson

Mr. Edgar R. Madrid

Dr. Elena B. de los Santos


Poster Presentation – Student Category
1st “Design, Fabrication, Test and Evaluation of Hydraulic Press for Pili Oil Extraction”

Ms. Sheena B. Balute

Ms. Francia L. Lindio

Ms. Marissa M. Perdigon

Mr. Lyod E. Banda


Ms. Estrella A. Calpe


2nd “Design, Fabrication and Performance Testing of Cacao (Theobroma cacao) Bean Fermenter”

Mr. John Carl A. Galvez

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)

3rd “Cytotoxicity Testing of General Wastewater from Hospitals Using Allium Cepa Chromosomal Aberration”

Ms. Ritzelle Kaye Bausa

Mr. Diomerl Edward Baldo

Mr. Sammy Suaiso

Mr. Alin Quibral



Oral Presentation (Student Category)
Title Researchers/Agency
1st “Common Beliefs and Practice as Predictors of Therapeutic Compliance Among Clients with Hypertension in Daraga, Albay”

Mr. Garbrielle C. Carpio

Mr. Jan Marleus Mata


2nd “Hematinic Activity of Caulerpa lentillife Extract in Male Sprague Dawley Rats”

Mr. Noli Ann Bañares

Ms. Carina Fiona Kallos

Ms. Shaira Mae Urbiztondo


3rd “In-Vitro Antioxidant Property of the Commonly Used Powdered Juice Supplements in Legazpi City”

Ms. Syla Camille Balines Ms. Cyril Jill Arana

Mr. Vince Gabriel Bejerano


Oral Presentation (Professional Category)
Title Researchers/Agency
1st “Mosquito Larvicidal Activity of Eucalyptus deglupta Crude Extract and Analysis of its Bioactive Compounds”

Ms. Ofelia E. Tam



“A Multi-Centre Double Blind Placebo Controlled Prospective Randomized Control Trial Comparing Post-Operative Infection Rate and Rate of Recovery among

Post-Hemorrhoidectomy Patients with or without Prophylactic Antibiotics”

Dr. Juan Carlos Marzan, Dr. Josie Amie Bataga

Dr. Rex Madrigal

Bicol Medical Center (BMC)

3rd “Evaluation of Anti-Edematogenic Activity Potential of Coconut Water Fermented Kir”

Mr. Diomerl Edward Baldo Mr. Mheljor General


Poster Presentation (Student Category)
Title Researchers/Agency
1st “In vivo Antihelmintic Potential of Hagonoi-tsina (Wedelia chinensis osbeck) against Artificially Induced Capiliariasis in Male Mice (mus musculus)

Ms. Aitzel Rose Borja

Ms. Chiselle Ciruales

Ms. Flory Ann Eracho


2nd “Knowledge and Practices of at Risk Population to Schistosomiasis in Irosin, Sorsogon City”

Mr. Daryl Rei Gonzalgo

Ms. Aubrey Mae Himor


3rd “Factors that Influence the Nutritional Status of Children in Malinao, Albay”

Mr. Christian Dior Amaranto

Ms. Jill Eizavel Bertis


Poster Presentation (Professional Category)
1st “Anti-microbial Activity of ‘Canarium ovatu’  Pulp Extracts”

Ms. Jocelyn Serrano

Ms. Lilibeth Cajuday

Ms. Daile Meek Membreve


2nd “Utilization and Validation of Elderly Health Care Manual”

Mr. Artemio Buitre

Ms. Elena Barela

Ms. Emerlinda Alcala

Ms. Rosario Ludovice

Ms. Janet Recierdo


3rd “Nutritional Status of Pre-School Children Among Families of 4P’s Beneficiaries in Selected Barangays of Virac, Catanduanes”

Ms. Elena Tassara

Ms. Emily Romero

Ms. Hedeliza Gianan

Ms. Ma. Resadel Santonia



Food Technology (Professional Category)
1st “Soya Pulp: Development and Cost Analysis”

Ms. Annelyn D. Camato

Mr. Kuh V. Paterno


2nd “Development and Product Acceptability of Cookies from Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas), Squash (Cucurbita maxima) and Carrots (Daucus carota)”

Ms. Geraldine F. De Jesus

Mr. Rogelio B. Las Piñas, Jr.


3rd “Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Seeds: A Major Ingredient for Pastry Products”

Ms. Soledad P. Galang

Ms. Marilou U. Israel

Ms. Isabel M. San Juan


Non-Food Technology (Professional Category)
1st “Design and Development of Mechanical Rootcrops Washer/Cleaner”

Ms. Nila B. Oñate

Mr. Joel P. Sadol

Mr. Julius De Villa


2nd “Design and Development of Multi-Function Cylinder Head Service Platform”

Ms. Maria Cristina V. Valencia

Mr. Ely Kherwin V. Valencia

Mr. Arnel B. Millesca


3rd “Development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) Student Electoral System”

Ms. Challiz D. Omorog


Poster Making (Student Category)
1st “Seismic Vibration-Triggered Electrical System Protection Device”

Mr. Ronn Kenneth P. Bailon


2nd “Cacao Coat Separator”

Mr. Joshua C. Collao

Mr. Miguel R. Paniterde, Jr.

Mr. Carl Kristopher A. Pelonia

Mr. Christian Mark S. Villa

Mr. Rey Joseph C. Magistrado

Mr. Joshua B. Villar


3rd “Automatic Fish Dryer”

Mr. Roner P. Abanil

Mr. Kim D. Dorosan

Mr. Glendel P. Llabores

Mr. Cris C. Parpan

Mr. Santiago VL. Relos

Mr. Paul Victor N. Sendico


JRSRDH provides the venue for various R&D stakeholders (researchers, engineers, professors, R&D program implementers, fund providers, among others) in the region as they convene, present, share information, research-based solutions and innovations and interact with each other.

DOST V congratulates this year’s regional winners and together with S&T partners continuously and closely coordinate and work together to strengthen R&D in the region. This was emphasized in the message of Dir. Briñas represented by Dr. Rafaelita O. Lucena, Senior Science Research Specialist, DOST V that through R&D and S&T interventions, more milestones are realized in technology transfer, enterprise development and quality S&T Education. (Dr. P.O.Lucena, DOST V).