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A physically challenged woman-entrepreneur and awardeein Naga City is a DOST-SETUP beneficiary PDF Print Email

Mrs. Fe Abergos Buangin Carranza, a woman-proprietor, FABCARR Food Products in Naga City, is an extraordinary modern Filipina.  With her entrepreneurial skills, she has demonstrated that being physically challenged is not a disability. Unlike others who are dependent and regarded as burden to society throughout their lives, Mrs. Carranza ably and productively turned her life to more achievements thru perseverance, determination and hardwork. Pictures here.

As a self-made businesswoman, she was awarded the “2010 Maogmang Naguena” from LGU-Naga City in recognition of her efforts in fighting malnutrition among school children. Worthy enough, Mrs. Carranza and her soya-based products have been instrumental in the city government’s campaign for better health and nutrition services for school children and livelihood opportunities for their families.

Soya food products have gained an increasing popularity due to its health benefits. Recognizing this potential, Mrs. Carranza started her soya business in 2004 while still a resident of Legazpi City. She called her firm, the FABCARR Food Products, coined from her name’s abbreviation. In 2007, her family moved to Panicuason, Naga City where they continued producing chilled taho, tofu, soya milk, soya coffee and soya nutri-meat.


To cope with increasing demand for soya-based products in the city and nearby municipalities, she pursued upgrading the production volume and quality of products that are competitive in the market. In response, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) thru the Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) – Camarines Sur addressed the firm’s needs by extending appropriate technological interventions.

Through the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (DOST-SETUP), the firm was provided the soya grinder with separator, industrial oven, freezer, chiller, multi-purpose mixer/pulverizer, kettle casserole, heavy duty burner, aluminum baking pans, stainless tofu molder, aluminum/plastic soya meat molder and dough roller. The use of the equipment increased the firm’s productivity level and improved the quality of soya products.
DOST V also extended assistance in the adoption of Cleaner Production Technology (CPT) that resulted to reduced raw material consumption and waste generation, and increased process efficiency and product quality. Further training on food safety was conducted and the firm is now enrolled under the DOST V’s packaging and labeling program.

The FABCARR Food Products supplied the Naga City Nutrition Council with soya bread and chilled taho for their one thousand two hundred sixty three (1,263) feeding program-beneficiaries last March – April 2011.  In addition, the firm is supplying soya milk and soya bread to two thousand (2,000) school children from different public elementary schools in Naga City as part of Naga City’s sixty-day feeding program starting June 2011 (P.O.Lucena/D.A.Peña,DOSTV/P.N. Felizmenio,PSTO-Cam.Sur).




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