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Training on RxBox Operation and Utilization in Camarines Norte

November 4, 2021

What is RxBox?

It is a locally developed telehealth device capable of measuring a person's vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, temperature as well as record the electrical activity of the heart and monitor maternal and fetal activity at point of care. It can also be used as "Telemedicine" device in this time of pandemic and will be of great use not only to Rural Health Units (RHU) but also to the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facilities (TTMF) and COVID referral centers.

What are the benefits of RxBox?

✅ Allows diagnosis of patients conditions within the healthcare facility with the help of the medical sensors

✅Improves documentation of patient information using electronic medical records such as CHITS and iClinicSys

✅Can be used in linking the remote primary health workers with clinical specialists in hospitals for better patient care and in improving health referral system

✅Reduces unnecessary travels and hospitalizations of patients

✅Provides efficient way for healthcare workers to monitor patients at a given time

✅Reduces contact between frontline healthcare workers and patients diagnosed with COVID-19

On 04 November 2021, the one-day training on RxBox Operation and Utilization which participated in by the MHO Basud and MHO Sta. Elena was facilitated and conducted by the RxBox Team led by PSTC Masbate through the PSTC Camarines Norte. The training was held face to face to equip the participants composed of one (1) doctor, one (1) nurse, one (1) midwife, and one (1) IT staff with the first-hand information on how the unit will be utilized and operationalized in their respective Rural Health Units (RHUs). The RxBox unit is expected to provide better access to life-saving health care services in isolated and disadvantaged communities but because of the pandemic, it will be temporarily used by the front liners in monitoring the vitals of Covid-19 patients.

Further, the turnover of RxBox unit to the two (2) RHUs was also facilitated before the conduct of the training proper.