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DOST V with PSTO Camarines Sur provides PORTASOL units to 50 farmer organizations


A total fifty of (50) farmer organizations in the province of Camarines Sur received one (1) unit of PORTASOL or Portable Solar Dryer-Grains Thermal Drying Trays each through the project entitled "Upgrading of Agricultural Products of Farmer Organizations through Improved Drying Process in Camarines Sur" DOST Regional Office V – Provincial Science & Technology Center. PORTASOL is a portable and lightweight multi-purpose solar dryer composed of aluminum thermal trays that can be laid down on an open field or assembled into racks with a plastic sheet cover as protection from pests and fungus. Developed by Mr. Francisco Pagayon, the technology aims to eradicate this perennial problem of harvest losses and will provide fast, safe, and clean solar dryers on any ground, away from roads and highways. The technology can hold up to 150 kg of produce and its drying rate as per a study conducted on a different set of grains provide that it is 2-3 time faster than the usual method.

The roll-out of the said technology started from the month of February to May 2022 with the help of the different partner agencies namely, OVP-OMASENSO Program, Department of Agrarian Reform- Camarines Sur 1 (DAR-CAMSUR 1), Department of Agrarian Reform- Camarines Sur 2 (DAR-CAMSUR 2), Cooperative Development Authority-Regional Office V Extension Office (CDA V) and the Department of Agriculture Regional Office V.

With the assistance of the five (5) agencies, they endorsed ten (10) farmer organizations each, for a total of fifty (50) farmer organizations, located in the province of Camarines Sur, that would truly benefit from the said technology. The majority of the farmer's produce are rice, corn, soya beans, sili, taro leaves, other high-value crops, and even fish. One of the feedbacks from San Isidro de Libmanan Agriculture Cooperative (SILAC) is that they were able to dry two sacks of palay for only three hours. This proves the effectiveness of the technology as per claims. DOST V hopes that through the provision of the technology, farmer organizations will become aware of the said Filipino invention as well as improve the drying efficiency and quality of the dried agricultural produce in the province.

Published on June 15, 2022. Source